Do you have a hard time finding just the right make-up foundation?  Either the color is never quite right, the texture just doesn't have the feel you're looking for, or the make-up changes color after awhile.

Jameel's Custom Blending solves all these problems for you!

There is no mystery to looking good.  There are only those who apply makeup well and those who don't.  Makeup is only meant to enhance the way you look. When makeup is applied correctly, the person who shines through is still you -- that wonderful, glowing you that Rochelle is waiting to uncover.

By custom blending her special line of Jameel products to address your individual needs (age spots, acne, scars, wrinkles, blotchy, dry, oily, sensitive skin, etc.), Rochelle brings out that wonderful you!

Much like a doctor who examines her patient to prescribe the proper medication, Rochelle examines your face, eating habits, and facial maintenance before carefully charting your special cosmetic blend. The foundation and translucent facial powder are formulated just for you -- blending subtle hints of reds, blues, yellows, and greens into a brown or cream base foundation, Rochelle matches and compliments your skin color to utter perfection. 


And in those particular instances when you want to lighten or darken your skin tone, Rochelle can custom-blend your makeup to do so in a way that does not make your coloring look artificial or unnatural.


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