Permanent removal of superfluous hair!



Are you tired of dealing with unwanted hair in  temporary ways? They can be costly, and never-ending! Permanent hair removal will free you from this tedious daily routine.

Electrolysis will improve your physical appearance and self-image. You will feel more attractive and socially acceptable. It has been proven safe and effective over many years of use, and is recognized by physicians and the American Medical Association.

  • Is it painful? It varies depending on the patient's tolerance. The sensation has variously been described as a slight heat, tingling, or stinging sensation. Ms. Robinson has been trained to work within the comfort levels of her patient. Don't hesitate to let her know what you are feeling.
  • Is it expensive? The fees are very reasonable when considering the physical work involved, as well as the equipment, office space, training, insurance, etc.  When compared to the prices of other health and beauty services -- and the cost of dealing with excessive hair using temporary means -- electrolysis is very affordable. Remember, the problem is being dealt with permanently and not just on a short term basis.
  • Is it safe? Electrolysis has over a 137 year history of safety and effectiveness. Ms. Robinson uses the most up-to-date, effective methods of sterilization, disinfection, and antisepsis, and follows guidelines set up by a major electrolysis organization in conjunction with the CDC (Center of Disease Control). Don't hesitate to ask about the scientific methods used to guarantee your safety.
  • Is it permanent? The permanency of electrolysis has been well recognized by knowledgeable physicians and is also testified to by hundreds of scientific articles published in medical literature. There are over one million happy and satisfied persons who have solved a very personal and embarrassing problem with the help of electrolysis.



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